Current coordinates

The future, for all of us, is now more suspended than ever; time stopped, or at least stalled, on the 16 March 2020. “Existence is an enclosure not because it happens in space but because it locks us in time” (AG, p2). Within the lockdown, our Inside position feels as though it has been folded in on itself as quotidian rhythms are disrupted and thinkable and perceivable phenomena is rationed meanly. Once clockwork flows of bodies and capital have become syncopated and eventually entirely a-rhythmic: “rhythm counts time only by producing it” (CCRU), as rhythm ends so should time, yet somehow, we remain locked Inside; the Outside is as far away as it ever was if not further, phenomena is more mediated than ever.

Squid_Ink emerges in this perverse limbo.

Squid_Ink is primarily a ‘fictional’ publishing house although we anticipate that it will at times move beyond this boundary and bleed into the ‘reality’. We publish work written by various entities both ‘real’ and ‘fictional’ whose transient positions in both time and space are by no means obvious. Unlike the Surrealists Squid_Ink does not seek to establish a dream-like world in opposition to so-called reality, but rather seeks to investigate where the boundaries between the real and false are blurred; the points at which the former bleeds into the latter and vice versa. This brief description is by no means a detailed topographic drawing of Squid_Ink but more an attempt to construct a rough estimation of its’ current position, although this remains the subject of possible change.

Reference (AG) Anna Greenspan, Capitalism’s Transcendental Time Machine (2000). CCRU, Rhythmic Practices.